Predict your:

Validate your product before you buy inventory. 
Smart insights for e-commerce entrepreneurs.

Why you should care about Predictly

Found products with Amazon research tools? Compare your products against each other to know which one to invest in
See how price and monthly sales affect your profit margin so you can make money on every product
Get quick estimates on how much it will cost to invest in your next product
Avoid expensive mistakes! Avoid bad products – by seeing how they’ll perform before you order inventory
Know when and how fast you’ll get your initial investment money back
Use your product research tool data together with Predictly to get ahead of your competition

Validate your product before you buy it

You’ve done a ton of research – but still don’t know if your product is a great one?
Use the data from your research tool (like Jungle Scout or Helium 10) to get insights on how your product will perform.

Get smart insight about future performance

Take your predictions to the next level by fine-tuning your predictions.

Choose from 5 pre-defined predictions such as “Best Case” or “Worst Case” scenario, or adjust your settings for your own custom predictions.

Compare up to 5 products at the same time

Trying to compare products to see which one you should go for?
Predictly makes it easy to compare different products against each other.
Select up to 5 products at once and easily see which product is best!

Insights from the best

After losing tens of thousands of dollars on bad product investments, and spending hundreds of hours trying to figure out predictive financial models on our own – we decided to go the best place in the World for money and risk assessment, and hired the smartest people we could find. 

We went to Wall St. and hired successful Hedge Fund Quantitative Analysts to help us build the engine behind Predictly. 


So we could choose better products, avoid costly mistakes, and build a successful e-commerce business. 

Now with Predictly, you have the power of hedge fund risk assessment, quantitative analysis, and future-projections, easily managed  at the click of a button.

Use data from your favorite Amazon tools

We support data formats from plenty of Amazon research tools. Just drag-n-drop your product CSV file and analyze it instantly.

What e-commerce entrepreneurs say about Predictly

Sorting through hundreds of products and trying to see which is best is difficult. With Predictly I can compare multiple products at once - and see what's best. Love it!
Mariana C.
Product Research Analyst, BMG Agency
The team at Predictly is so good at explaining things and helping me understand which product is good and which product is not good. Their tool is super helpful.
Amandeep S.
Private Label FBA Entrepreneur
Predictly takes product research to a whole new level. I can see different sales scenarios and get estimates on product launch costs - it really saves me a ton of time.
Scott B.
Amazon FBA Entrepreneur

Have questions? We've got answers...

How do I choose the best product?

Choosing the best product does not mean only choosing the highest monthly sales volume. You need to look at other factors to find a great product. Here are a few: Sales price, sales volume, initial investment cost and more, are just some of the things you’ll need to consider. No need to get stressed about it all – Predictly does this at the click of a button. Want some help and want to understand more? Join one of our free webinar sessions to learn more!

How can I try Predictly for free?

Simply sign up with your Google or Facebook account, or enter your email to get started. You’ll get access to accurate and powerful product assessments for any one product you’d like to look at.

How do I know how much profit I will make?

Profit is more than sales price and product cost. You’ll need to think about other business factors – like marketing, re-investing in inventory, and more. Predictly gives you insights. You can also join one of our free education sessions to learn more!

How do I use my current research tool with Predictly?

Predictly works with data from different Amazon research tools. You can use your research tool to find great products, and use Predictly to predict your product performance. Simply export your product data from your research tool, and drag-and-drop your CSV into Predictly. Don’t worry – we’ll show you how. And hey, if you’re not using a product research tool – no problem. You can easily enter your product data in just a few steps to get the same great analysis.

Helium 10’s Keyword Tracker tool tracks all your keywords, including their ranking, change in ranking from the previous week, and Amazon Choice badge status.

You can use Helium 10’s Alerts tool which prevents fraud by monitoring your chosen ASINs. When Alerts detects unauthorized sellers on your listing, it sends you emailand text message alerts.

There are several ways to find products with good sales potential and untapped opportunities using our product research tools. You can perform initial product research using Black Box to find possible niches and then validate your possibilities using our Chrome Extension tool, Xray.

Click on the “Get your free account” to get started. We offer a 30-day trial. The trial period counter starts the very moment your Helium 10 account is created.